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shooting russia manual single machine gun pkp pecheneg views from the top index grau 6p41 fire point cartridges 62 × 54 mm r box belt of the sleeve snow reinforced trunk gauge interesting sample firea
1920 x 1280, 720 kB
ac shaft special quiet machine as val rifle russia sample developed by to database sniper rifles aria index grau 6p30 gauge 9 mm chuck 9 × 39mm sp-6 sp- 5 automatic russian silent designed on that bas
1920 x 1305, 677 kB
korotkostvol psm gun self-loading small index grau 6p23 gauge 45x18 mm compact pistol was manufactured to job development small-size weapons higher command ended soviet army operational g
1920 x 1254, 380 kB
machine kalashnikov gauge 5.45mm ak-74m index grau 6p20 developed by 1970 year designer mikhail kalashnikov adopted to arms soviet union 1974god is further development akm is connected transition new
1920 x 1275, 745 kB
self-loading gun serdyukov sr1m sps index grau 6p53 developed by to power units special destination program r & d rook designers tsniitochmash p.i.serdyukovym and i.v.belyaevym under chuck increased e
1920 x 1275, 374 kB
worthy sample national korotkostvola russia 9 mm self-loading gun yarigina il mp- 443 rook 9 × 19 mm index grau 6p35 weight 950gr length 198mm chuck 9 × 19mm parabellum 9 × 19 mm 7n21 or 7n31 shop 17
1920 x 1280, 209 kB
machine aek-971 index grau 6p67 developed by 1978 year to works name degtyaryova trunk butt shop muzzle brake compensator background
1920 x 1220, 185 kB
special machine au -val as-val shaft rifle russia quiet index grau 6p30 developed by to database sniper rifles aria gauge 9 mm chuck 9 × 39mm sp- 5 sp-6 automatic as val russian silent designed on tha
1920 x 1251, 766 kB
aek-971 views to the left domestic machine under chuck 5.45h39 index grau 6p67 developed by to 1978 year works name degtyaryova trunk butt shop muzzle brake compensator ramrod object means background
1920 x 1215, 239 kB
real machine interesting sample national small weapons upgraded 62 mm pecheneg -sp index grau 6p69 compact decrease weight enhanced muzzle duplicate the trigger the mechanism possibility installation
1920 x 1280, 520 kB
dshk index grau 56 -p - 542 february 1939 year adopted to arms red army under designation 12.7 mm magnum degtyaryova shpagin of the sample 1938 of the year weapon machine- monster weight 33.5kg sighti
1920 x 1218, 321 kB
muzzle brake compensator ramrod fly trunk machine aek-971 chuck 5.45h39 index grau 6p67 developed by to 1978 year works name degtyaryova background shadow light power holes burnishing metal shine moun
1920 x 1239, 205 kB
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