Military vehicles

art winter snow german men mg -34 fire position shots hot tank the great patriotic war picture
1920 x 1271, 469 kB
art war france saint- lo street us troops men uniforms shop rifles m1903a3 and m1903a4 shots smoke ruins ww2 picture
1920 x 1262, 591 kB
art tank t- 80bv russia mbt gauge 125 mm machine guns 1x 62 mm fct 7 mm zenith nsvt 82 mm smoke grenade 902b complex rocket 9k112-1 cobra body dynamic protection winter polygon doctrine vincent wai
2133 x 1200, 367 kB
ruger sr1911 semi-automatic gun weapon
1920 x 1280, 567 kB
maus tank germany t -34 war winter
2252 x 1200, 508 kB
art navy ship battleship german military bismarck known of the title to honor first chancellor germany empire otto von bismarck on time campaign may 1941 georgia sank denmark strait uk cruiser hood th
1920 x 1200, 383 kB
ship russia sea large anti-submarine ship "admiral chabanenko"
1920 x 1440, 491 kB
main battle tank m60 a1 united states 1960 g caliber and brand of gun 105 mm becomes modernized several times the name of patton iv officially he never appropriated .
1920 x 1258, 331 kB
military mayaguez incident events in may 1975 on the east beach koh tang cambodia last battle second indochina war maritime corps united states in the background sikorsky ch-53 sea stallion heavy tran
1920 x 1200, 361 kB
weapon hk416 machine
1920 x 1125, 463 kB
kv-1 russian tank ww2 war art painting red army russian infantry
1920 x 1133, 543 kB
sea waves ships battleship pennsylvania sky us armed forces second world war .
1920 x 1300, 506 kB
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